"Thank you SO much. We truly love your products and I have been telling so many friends. My girls love it too and call it "Sally's ointment" and use it daily for little booboos, etc.!
I am so excited to try the salts but also give them away. They traveled very nicely and I appreciate you getting them to me quickly. Those are going to be a huge seller for you! We are really so happy for you!
- Julie Mitzner, Californa

"We have been working with Sara Gibbs and Twelve Moons Products for about three months. We are thrilled to have a local, handmade product.
We have created spa services using these products, and find them to be a fantastic addition to both our professional and retail offerings.
They have been well received by both our employees and by our clients. Twelve Moons Products are by far our favorite and best selling new product!"
- Ann Loughlin, Spa Director, Moonlight Basin

"I found the Green Healing Salve about two years ago.  I have extremely dry skin which borders on an excema condition.  This salve is extremely soothing and lubricating.  I love it!  This summer I was on a fishing trip, and had a sore shoulder before getting in the boat.  My fishing guide actually had the Bounce Back Salve, and was kind enough to let me try some.  I have always known about the benefits of Arnica, and I got real relief from this product.
These products really do enhance wellness, and I'm so happy to have found them!"
- Sandy, Big Sky, Montana

"Twelve Moons products are my favorite herbal product of any kind!  The Soothing Skin Salve is a panacea for scrapes and cuts, bug bites, basically anything that needs soothing.  My landscaper friend calls it "magic" for the amazing ability to speedily heal any of her skin ailments she gets on the job.  This is the most amazing thing for paper cuts I have ever seen!   On all "boo-boos" it works quickly, painlessly, with a delicious herbal scent.  My son asks for it when he is hurt, as he knows it will never hurt and heals him so quickly.  Others love it as an overnight facial cream.  
I loved its soothing powers during the early days of breastfeeding (and the ingredients are all basically edible in small doses...)  Perfect for sensitive or any type skin.  The Lavender Lip Balm seems to contain the same basic ingredients as the Soothing Skin salve, so how awesome to be able to toss something in my purse that does double duty as lip protection and cure-all for any little boo-boos that should arise.  
Thank you Twelve Moons for your delicious herbal Magic!"

- Kate, Islamorada, Florida

"I started using Twelve Moons about 5 years ago on a ski trip to Big Sky.  The Bounce Back Balm is fantastic and I've continued ordering to use everyday at home, but I for sure take it with me wherever I ski."

- Mary, Pacific Palisades, California

"We have been using Twelve Moons soothing skin salve and arnica plus salve for the past several years since Sara Gibbs began making them. The
soothing skin salve is the only thing that works on our dry chapped hands and feet in the dry Montana climate. Our whole family uses it including
our three teenage boys. We all keep a container of it by our bedside. We have also been selling all of the Twelve Moon products in our Big Sky
grocery store and feel very comfortable recommending them to the many visitors to our area who experience either dry chapped skin, sore muscles
or both!. We also sell the Twelve Moons lip balm and some of the other new products recently developed. Our sales of all the products have steadily
risen as a result of the quality and the service we receive from Sara. The Twelve Moon products are truly extraordinary and we feel fortunate to use
them personally and to sell them at our business."

- Mark and Jackie Robin, Hungry Moose Market, Big Sky, Montana


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